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What is the Digital Skills Accelerator Programme

ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet, ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet and Aviation Skillnet have collaborated on this application and we propose to address two of the Skillnet Ireland thematic priorities.

  • Sectoral and Regional Employment
  • Digital Transformation

There is a real risk that 20,000 people in the Mid-West region will be unemployed at the end of this year. Skills shortages have been identified across ICT and Customer Experience. In addition, we have identified cross-skilling and growth potential in both project management and lean principles; these areas have been highlighted as growth markets within the aviation sector for the region. With the correct intervention, structures and management, these skills shortages can be offset against the oversupply of resources in other sectors, notably Hospitality, Retail and Aviation, thereby reducing a skills mismatch.

Our proposal is to create an agile, flexible response to industry needs, and to provide digital skills to candidates with limited digital experience. Speed is critical to this programme and strong coordination is required to ensure results. All training will be delivered virtually.

Programme Description: Transition to New Digital Careers in ICT and Customer Experience Management

Taking a phased approach, we aim to transition 80 people whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic, from Hospitality, Retail and Aviation into ICT and Cx roles. These programmes will target support for people who are current PUP recipients and people who are currently unemployed.

Following engagement with ICT, and Cx across the region, we have identified up to 80 industry placement opportunities in Software, Data Management and Customer Experience including project management and lean principles. We propose to engage with the relevant training providers, stakeholders and host employers to develop a pipeline of talent in these areas. While this initiative has a regional focus, we hope to develop a model that can be scaled and applied nationally.


Skillnet Ireland is a business support agency of the Government of Ireland. Our mandate is to advance the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of Irish businesses through enterprise-led workforce development.

We believe that maintaining a highly skilled workforce is essential to our national competitiveness. Our business is to ensure that your business has the skills it needs to thrive.

We currently support over 18,000 businesses nationwide and provide a wide range of valuable learning experiences to over 70,000 trainees. Our mission is to facilitate increased participation in enterprise training and workforce learning in Ireland.


The Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) is a not-for-profit organisation established by leading companies in Ireland with a deep commitment to continuous improvement.

We are a knowledge-sharing network of cross-sectoral businesses committed to helping each other. Our Board of Directors are drawn from our member companies.  At ICBE our goal is to assist our member companies to be the most competitive in their field.

We organise best practice visits to exemplary sites so that members can learn from each other. We work with our members in steering groups to organise events and design bespoke training to meet current and future needs of business. We run these activities at the most suitable location for our members.

Our "Call for Support" process is where we confidentially facilitate members to get solutions to resolve challenges using the entire network as a resource.


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